Bees & Wasps

Bee and Wasp Removal Melbourne

Having a few bees around can be beneficial for your garden but in large numbers, bees and wasps can be potentially dangerous and cause damage to your home. Bug-a-off offers a bee and wasp removal service throughout Melbourne.

If you have noticed a swarm or nest in your home or garden, do not approach or attempt to remove it as these insects tend to become quite aggressive when threatened. Keep any pets and children inside and give us a call, our removal service will safely and effectively get rid of the insects.


Australia is home to over 1,500 species of native bees and several introduced species. The majority of Australia’s native bees are solitary and do not sting. There are around 10 species Australian bees that live in swarms however type of bee we most commonly find nesting in Melbourne homes and gardens is the introduced honeybee. The honeybee is around 12mm in length and is generally a yellow brown or dark brown colour. This species of bee is the most common kind of stinging bee but will only attack when threatened.

Bee Removal Service Melbourne

Honeybees like to nest in wall cavities, tree hollows, or inside chimneys, they build an exposed nest of white wax combs with a single entrance hole that dozens of bees will fly in and out of. Our bee removal service will safely remove the bees and their nest from wherever they have established themselves in your Melbourne property. This involves administering pesticide through the entrance hole and then dismantling the nest.

Another common way you might see these bees collecting around your property is in swarms. Swarming occurs when a nest becomes too large and needs to be split up. Swarming involves hundreds of bees clinging to one another and hanging off a branch or fence while a scout bee flies around the area and looks for a suitable place to build a new nest. Removal of a bee swarm is general a much quicker and easier process than removing an established nest.


Wasps are important for keeping bug and insect populations under control, but too many wasps around the home pose a threat to occupants and an established wasp nest can cause significant damage to your Melbourne property. Australia is home to many species of native wasp as well as the introduced European wasp which is the kind most commonly found nesting in Melbourne backyards. Nesting wasps nest are quite aggressive and will swarm and sting repeatedly if provoked.

Wasp Removal Service Melbourne

Wasps can deliver a nasty and potentially life threatening sting, so it’s best to leave nest removal to the specialists. Using pesticide, we will kill all the adult wasps and larvae and then remove the nest so it can’t be repopulated.