Millipede Removal Services in Melbourne

Millipedes are a nuisance, and they aren’t particularly pleasant to look at – their bodies are between 20-45mm in length, and are a blackish grey colour.

They first appeared (uninvited) in Australia in the mid twentieth century, and have since attacked all mainland states – they arrived with a shipload of Portugese cork, and have settled in homes and gardens across the country.

How do I spot a millipede infestation?

They tend to appear in large quantities, and usually lay their eggs in the autumn months. They tend to settle themselves around household hiding spots, and will often inhabit spaces under bathroom floors, sinks and roof spaces.

Are millipedes dangerous?

They can infest your home, workplace or garden in larger numbers, and can pollute foodstuffs.

Millipedes also feed on plants – an infestation can be bad news for your flowerbed or garden, as they have the potential to cause significant damage to your well-tended gardens.

Another unpleasant feature – when a millipede is disturbed, it may discharge a yellow liquid, which is incredibly distasteful and can be irritating to the eyes. It is this yellow discharge that makes millipedes distasteful to predators (i.e. birds).

How do I remove a millipede infestation?

Here are a couple of tips for removing a millipede infestation in your home, garden or workplace:

  • Remove litter and rubbish build up from your front or back garden
  • Remove any wood or bark that these pests might choose to sit beneath when the sun is shining
  • Clean up and remove any organic matter that may be attracting millipedes
  • Block and seal any potential entry points – this will make it much harder for these pesky millipedes to enter your home and invade your goods.

The team at Bug-a-Off are always on hand to tackle that unwanted millipede infestation, and Matt is on the other end of the phone to discuss your exact needs, requirements and specifications. Give him a call today, and look forward to a millipede free home, workplace or garden.