Possum Removal Services throughout Melbourne

What’s that thing thundering around your ceiling at 3am you ask?
Wonder what animal is creating those otherworldly growling and hissing noises outside your bedroom window?
Want to know what it is that’s eating all of the fruit off your trees?
If you live in Melbourne or the surrounding areas, chances are you’ve got a possum on your hands.

Beloved by tourists and loathed by home owners, the possum is one of Australia’s more divisive creatures. In Melbourne, the two most common possums are the brushtail and ringtail varieties which are native to the area.

Possums and People

Possums thrive fairly well in built up areas. Booming populations combined with stricter laws on trapping, relocating and hunting these animals mean that instances of human/possum cohabitation are on the rise. In fact the city of Melbourne estimates that there are around 12 possums per hectare in our urban parkland whereas in the wild, there is only one possum per 12 hectares.

Although they are a part of the Victorian ecosystem, possums can cause significant damage if they nest in your roof or garden as well as many sleepless nights. Larger populations also affect the welfare of these animals as reduced territory leads to possums having to search farther afield for food and shelter, putting them at risk from domestic pets and cars.

Identifying Possums

If you have possums in your home or backyard they are likely to be one of two varieties. By far the most common is the brushtail possum, a large marsupial the pointed ears, a thick woolly grey or brown pelt and a creamy coloured undercarriage. The common brushtail possum is an incredibly resourceful urban dweller and will happily raid your kitchen if given the chance. The brushtail is also the possum most likely to be nesting in your roof or walls.

The other species often found in Melbourne is the common ringtail possum. This variety of possum is smaller than the brushtail and is characterised by a long prehensile tail with a white tip. The ringtail possum lives on a diet of foliage, flowers and fruits and is a likely culprit if you find your garden is being stripped of its leaves and produce on a nightly basis.

Removing Possums

In Victoria, possums are a protected species and their removal can only be carried out by licensed professionals. You cannot kill possums and there are certain rules which govern how and where you can relocate them. Our professional possum removal service will extract the animals from your home or garden, block up access to the nest and safely relocate the animal nearby where they won’t bother you anymore!