Earwig Removal Service in Melbourne

These creepy crawlies aren’t the best looking of creatures – their pincers are instantly noticeable, jutting out from both ends of their body, and some are able to fly. Bug-a-Off know what it takes to get rid of an earwig infestation in your home, garden or workplace.

How do I tell if I have an earwig infestation?

Earwigs are a pest – they love nothing more than to eat decomposing plants or wet leaves, and run riot in damp cracks and mulch-y flowerbeds. You might also find them under cushions that have been left out overnight, enjoying the mildew that has seeped through the mesh. Their habitat allows them to eat on plants and other insects, and it is not uncommon for earwigs to head indoors to find food – plus, they’re experts at sneaking their way into bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

You’ll usually be able to find an earwig infestation in damp spaces: often, in areas where there is an abundance of decaying vegetation.

Are earwigs dangerous?

Generally, no – although if disturbed, they’re not afraid to latch their pincers or forceps (back pincers) onto your skin, leading to a slightly painful pinching sensation. This can be uncomfortable, although they do not possess any venom, nor do they have a poison sac. In short, earwigs are not able to injure humans or animals.

That said, these little creatures are renowned for causing a nuisance in the garden, and will happily feed on seedlings and gnaw away on plants.

How do I get rid of earwigs?

Removing areas with abundant moisture, and any decaying vegetation will help to make the environment less hospitable for earwigs. This can include altering the way in which you water your plants (i.e. prevent overwatering).

Why not let Bug-a-Off take over – our professional pest control service know exactly what it takes to remove an earwig infestation. Not only will we identify the infestation and the reasons behind their arrival, we’ll work to remove the existing infestation and create a barrier to keep them out.

Whatever the scale of the earwig infestation, we’ve got it covered. Call Matt today on 0448070407 – he’ll happily discuss your needs and arrange an appointment with you.