Clothes Moths & Silverfish

Clothes Moths – the cause of unsightly damage to clothes

A serious inconvenience, and the cause of many a ruined wardrobe. These pesky creatures like to inhabit wardrobes, chests of drawers or cupboards and will feast on your favourite garments. Whilst they don’t cause any damage to humans, but can show their troublesome side when you find moth bitten holes across that dress or suit that you’ve been saving for a special occasion.

Other areas that are particularly prone to most infestation: underneath beds, especially is rooms that are not often used, lofts and attics (moths will often be attracted to birds nests in eaves of homes).


These pesky creatures are renowned for causing damage to foodstuffs, paper products and clothing – plus, they move particularly quickly and inhabit areas that are largely undisturbed (i.e. bookcases). They prefer dark, damp areas, and are able to climb smooth surfaces such as bath basins or skins.

You can spot a silverfish quite easily – they are a silvery blue shade, and around half an inch in length. Their outer body is scaly, and they move in a way that resembles a fish – hence the name, silverfish.

Silverfish are able to survive for months without food – this means that they are one of the most difficult pests to eliminate entirely. The more food that is available to them, the more they will thrive – professional pest control is therefore encouraged.

How can Bug-a-Off help?

We’re experts when it comes to pest control, and know exactly what it takes to eliminate these pesky creatures from your home or workplace. We’ll identify the type of creature that is causing the problem, and then utilize the most effect method for treating the problem – perhaps a chemical free ‘heat pod’ treatment, which is particularly useful when working to get rid of moths, eggs and larvae in delicate items that cannot be laundered.

Call upon our expert team today, and rid your home or workspace from these pesky creates. Silverfish and clothes moths can be a real nightmare, and cause stress and upset to many who encounter them.

Give Matt a call today on 0448070407, and discuss your pest control situation – he’s always happy to offer some advice, and arrange a good time to come and help. Enquire today – why wait?